First Day of Lockdown With My Almost 4 Year-Old

Coronavirus is here. Our state just announced that they will be closing all K-12 schools starting Monday. Today, we have opted to pull our almost 4 year-old child out of daycare.

At this point, my partner and I have already explained to her about the outbreak and why she might need to stay home for quite some time. Specifically, I told her that “there’s a bad virus going around, and it is making people sick. Everyone needs to stay home to stop it from spreading.” She asked me if people are coughing and not covering their mouths. In response, I told her that this is a super virus. It can make people sick even when people aren’t coughing.

So, how did the first day with my child while working from home go? Not too bad, fortunately. At least it’s much easier than I imagine. Here’s what we did. When she woke up in the morning, we made a plan together. Here’s our schedule:

  • Breakfast
  • Tablet and TV time while I worked
  • Organize the playroom—At first I suggested that we would clean the car but she opted for making room for new toys.
  • Lunch
  • Movie time—We watched Incredibles 2; I sneaked in some more work!
  • Games and exercises—We did hide-and-seek and kid yoga; she said that yoga was boring so I probably need to figure out something else.
  • Nap time
  • Dinner
  • Family game—We played Dominos as a family.
  • Bedtime
Tablet Time While I Worked
Good old Dominos

So the first day didn’t go too bad! Other than her being a picky eater as usual, there was no major tantrum. I will see how things turn out in a week. I wish everyone good luck and most importantly, stay safe and healthy.

What do you plan to do with your kids when you’re stuck at home? Leave a comment!

Published by pandamotherly

I am Dr. Esther HioTong Castillo. I am Panda Mom. I'm a biracial sociologist mama with a 4 year-old daughter. Four years ago, my complicated birth and the sea-change in my career and family had thrown me into the downward spiral of depression and anxiety. Now, I'm sharing my story and writing my way to health and wellness at the intersection of trauma, intergenerational trauma, family, and parenting.

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