Finding Dory

Forgetful Dory noticed the shells laid out on the ground at a time when all hope seemed to be lost and she followed them. Two dark shadows swam toward her from afar. Then, two blue tangs emerged. Dory said hesitantly, “Hello, I am…” “Dory!” Her parents cried. They dropped the shells they were holding. The reunited family danced together in joy and excitement.

It turned out that Dory’s parents had never given up on finding her after all these years.

T: I can’t cough! But I need to cough!
Me: it’s ok to cry…
T: Waa waa !

After the movie…

T: I don’t like this movie! This is not a fun movie. I never want to watch it again!

Next day…

T: Can I watch Finding Dory again?

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Published by pandamotherly

I am Dr. Esther HioTong Castillo. I am Panda Mom. I'm a biracial sociologist mama with a 4 year-old daughter. Four years ago, my complicated birth and the sea-change in my career and family had thrown me into the downward spiral of depression and anxiety. Now, I'm sharing my story and writing my way to health and wellness at the intersection of trauma, intergenerational trauma, family, and parenting.

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