Dear Asian People

man in blue denim jacket holding white and blue love me printed board

Dear Asian people:

I hear a lot about “what can we do to help.” So, here are my 2 cents:

1. Know our common struggles as well as differences. While Asian Americans do experience interpersonal racism on a daily basis (e.g. discrimination, micro-aggressions) and some of us have carried the painful history of institutional racism (e.g. Chinese Exclusion Act; Japanese Incarceration), many of us have not faced the kind of systemic racism (e.g. slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, mass incarceration) that many Black and Indigenous people have endured for centuries and the cultural erasure that come with it. Black resistance has paved the abolition of racist immigration policies. Many Asians have built wealth on the backs of black’s dispossession. Take time to learn black and Asian American histories. Find common ground. Check your privileges.

2. Put in the work continuously. Combating racism has been and will be a long process. Racism would not be dismantled simply through policy change. If you truly care about racial justice, make a commitment to put in the work consistently and persistently. Read. Watch documentaries. Educate yourself. Get out of your comfort zone. Disrupt your biases. Make new friends. Call out racism with your friends and family. Stop supporting businesses and cultural production that promote white supremacy and perpetuate racism. Learn about issues faced by other communities of color. Vote intelligently and ethically. Amplify black voices. 

3. And seriously, be gentle to yourself. We didn’t create racism. White people did. Don’t fall into this model minority trap in which we feel like we have to constantly overcompensate ourselves. Educate yourself. Plant a seed. Move on. Take care of yourself. Keep working. If you need to take time. Take time. You don’t have to do everything. That’s what community is for.

Much love to y’all.

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I am Dr. Esther HioTong Castillo. I am Panda Mom. I'm a biracial sociologist mama with a 4 year-old daughter. Four years ago, my complicated birth and the sea-change in my career and family had thrown me into the downward spiral of depression and anxiety. Now, I'm sharing my story and writing my way to health and wellness at the intersection of trauma, intergenerational trauma, family, and parenting.

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