What I Need From the World As an Asian Woman and What You Can Do

My 4 year-old daughter and I made this together as I continue to process what’s happening in the Asian American community. She chose the colors and helped color the hair. She chose blue for the hair because she said it looks like ocean. Three weeks ago when I learned about the Atlantic shooting in whichContinue reading “What I Need From the World As an Asian Woman and What You Can Do”

Discussing politics.

My housemate and I were discussing the political status of Asian Americans in comparison to African Americans’ last night…and TT decided to offer her view: Me: Black folks in fact constitute the majority of the city, and so they can amplify their voices and galvanize movements in ways that are more politically impactful. Asian AmericansContinue reading “Discussing politics.”

Dear Asian People

Dear Asian people: I hear a lot about “what can we do to help.” So, here are my 2 cents: 1. Know our common struggles as well as differences. While Asian Americans do experience interpersonal racism on a daily basis (e.g. discrimination, micro-aggressions) and some of us have carried the painful history of institutional racismContinue reading “Dear Asian People”

For Asians, Normalizing Mental Health Is More Than Raising Awareness

How intergenerational trauma, family conflicts, and racism block us from healing Most recently, I was tasked with creating a community program that provides mental health care for and addresses the impact of racism/xenophobia and COVID-19 on the Chinese immigrant families in the city. For the past two months as everyone scrambled to find and adjustContinue reading “For Asians, Normalizing Mental Health Is More Than Raising Awareness”

Birthday Present During Corona Virus Time

T’s aunt: Do you want to come over to my house to play?T: Yes! But we have to wait until corona virus time is over.T’s aunt: Ok! I’ll buy you a present when corona virus time is over, ok?T: Do you have a face mask?T’s aunt: Yes.T: Oh! Then you can go outside and youContinue reading “Birthday Present During Corona Virus Time”

How to Boost Student Engagement on Zoom

Student engagement is one of the most important elements for successful teaching and learning. An engaged classroom promotes active learning, critical thinking, and knowledge retainment. When the majority (or even a good chunk) of students are engaged, they co-create a positive learning environment where students not only engage with the materials, but also help supportContinue reading “How to Boost Student Engagement on Zoom”