Birthday Present During Corona Virus Time

T’s aunt: Do you want to come over to my house to play?T: Yes! But we have to wait until corona virus time is over.T’s aunt: Ok! I’ll buy you a present when corona virus time is over, ok?T: Do you have a face mask?T’s aunt: Yes.T: Oh! Then you can go outside and youContinue reading “Birthday Present During Corona Virus Time”

Past. Depressed. Future. Anxious.

I once heard that those who live in the past are depressed,and those who live in the future, anxious.Past. DepressedFuture. Anxious. If immigrant parents live in the future,what kind of future will it be? A future they never had?A future where there will be no hardship, no poverty, no scarcity,no one who tells them theirContinue reading “Past. Depressed. Future. Anxious.”

Decolonizing Myself—Part I: Chasing Modernity and the American Dream

Recently, I have been having this feeling that history just keeps catching up to me no matter how hard I try to escape from it. I talked to my black and Asian friends about our unhealthy behavioral patterns—anxiety, anger and aggression, codependency, eating disorder, trauma bonding—all the things that we hate about ourselves and simultaneouslyContinue reading “Decolonizing Myself—Part I: Chasing Modernity and the American Dream”

2019 Reflection and New Year Resolutions

2019 was a year of love, pain, and growth. In November, I lost my much cherished 11 year-old dog to heart disease subsequent to attending my grandfather’s overseas funeral. These first experiences of loss shook my heart to the core. I questioned my expectations for stability, security, mortality, and the meanings of the things IContinue reading “2019 Reflection and New Year Resolutions”

Talking to my Toddler about Race

Since I moved to the United States 16 years ago, race has been a topic that is important and intimate to me. When I started my first part-time job as an after school counselor in West Philadelphia, I was baffled by the inequalities I witnessed. I could not make sense of the drastic difference betweenContinue reading “Talking to my Toddler about Race”

The Hurt In Us (Part Three)

This past summer, my high school classmate, who is now an English lecturer, invited me to the university she works for in Macau to give a talk. We were not close friends during high school. Lately, however, we had been chatting over social media messaging platform about common intellectual interests—feminism, racism, pedagogy—and more mundanely, ventingContinue reading “The Hurt In Us (Part Three)”

The Hurt In Us (Part Two)

Wars, colonialism, immigration, communism, toxic masculinity, domestic violence, and intergenerational trauma—how my family’s story inspired me to be a better parent, made me determined to break the toxic cycle, and fight against systems of oppression.

On Becoming Panda Mom (Part Three)

The white sheer curtain was blowing in the clear wind from the open window. The light cedar wood floor was shining gently with the morning sun. Everything was bright and soft. The smell of the grass outside the house blended in with the crisp air. I saw a girl sat straightly on the piano benchContinue reading “On Becoming Panda Mom (Part Three)”

On Becoming Panda Mom (Part Two)

A year ago, I began teaching an online Introduction to Sociology class at a local private university. Since the university mostly offers health-related disciplines to its students, the class is merely a prerequisite for MCAT takers rather than a subject that students voluntarily choose to study. To make the coursework more meaningful and relevant forContinue reading “On Becoming Panda Mom (Part Two)”