On Becoming Panda Mom (Part Three)

The white sheer curtain was blowing in the clear wind from the open window. The light cedar wood floor was shining gently with the morning sun. Everything was bright and soft. The smell of the grass outside the house blended in with the crisp air. I saw a girl sat straightly on the piano benchContinue reading “On Becoming Panda Mom (Part Three)”

On Becoming Panda Mom (Part Two)

A year ago, I began teaching an online Introduction to Sociology class at a local private university. Since the university mostly offers health-related disciplines to its students, the class is merely a prerequisite for MCAT takers rather than a subject that students voluntarily choose to study. To make the coursework more meaningful and relevant forContinue reading “On Becoming Panda Mom (Part Two)”

On Becoming Panda Mom (Part One)

T was not planned. Despite that, I entered into pregnancy with hope and excitement. The first few months of pregnancy went by blissfully and quickly. During day time, I indulged myself in the sentimentality of what it would mean to be a mother, to form a bond with another human being, and to witness myContinue reading “On Becoming Panda Mom (Part One)”