The Sickness that Model Minority Gives Us

One day last year, my then-20 year-old stepson came home and told me that his friend committed suicide and passed away. I didn’t know how to react to it. I was shocked, terrified, and for reasons that I cannot comprehend, I felt angry. Then, I felt guilty for feeling angry, for not showing enough sympathy,Continue reading “The Sickness that Model Minority Gives Us”

Past. Depressed. Future. Anxious.

I once heard that those who live in the past are depressed,and those who live in the future, anxious.Past. DepressedFuture. Anxious. If immigrant parents live in the future,what kind of future will it be? A future they never had?A future where there will be no hardship, no poverty, no scarcity,no one who tells them theirContinue reading “Past. Depressed. Future. Anxious.”

2019 Reflection and New Year Resolutions

2019 was a year of love, pain, and growth. In November, I lost my much cherished 11 year-old dog to heart disease subsequent to attending my grandfather’s overseas funeral. These first experiences of loss shook my heart to the core. I questioned my expectations for stability, security, mortality, and the meanings of the things IContinue reading “2019 Reflection and New Year Resolutions”