Decolonizing Myself—Part I: Chasing Modernity and the American Dream

Recently, I have been having this feeling that history just keeps catching up to me no matter how hard I try to escape from it. I talked to my black and Asian friends about our unhealthy behavioral patterns—anxiety, anger and aggression, codependency, eating disorder, trauma bonding—all the things that we hate about ourselves and simultaneouslyContinue reading “Decolonizing Myself—Part I: Chasing Modernity and the American Dream”

2019 Reflection and New Year Resolutions

2019 was a year of love, pain, and growth. In November, I lost my much cherished 11 year-old dog to heart disease subsequent to attending my grandfather’s overseas funeral. These first experiences of loss shook my heart to the core. I questioned my expectations for stability, security, mortality, and the meanings of the things IContinue reading “2019 Reflection and New Year Resolutions”