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Why Your Online Class Should Be Asynchronous And How You Can Do It

Against the backdrop of school closings and colleges moving their classes online, I hear a lot of chatter about Zoom, Google Hangouts, and different kinds of video conferencing platforms. While these platforms are ideal for hosting “meetings” with students, using them for the purpose of “lecture” might be imprudent. Here, I strongly suggest transforming yourContinue reading “Why Your Online Class Should Be Asynchronous And How You Can Do It”

How to Make Your Online Course Accessible to Most Students

As most colleges and universities in the U.S. are moving their classes online, faculties and students are scrambling to transform their classes into a distance learning model in a very short time. While moving offline classes online so suddenly is difficult for many students (e.g. anxiety, time management issues), it presents even more challenges forContinue reading “How to Make Your Online Course Accessible to Most Students”

How to Boost Student Engagement on Zoom

Student engagement is one of the most important elements for successful teaching and learning. An engaged classroom promotes active learning, critical thinking, and knowledge retainment. When the majority (or even a good chunk) of students are engaged, they co-create a positive learning environment where students not only engage with the materials, but also help supportContinue reading “How to Boost Student Engagement on Zoom”

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